9 patients, glioblastoma multiforme infused with CBD (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

Access the original paper at this link  Cannabis does NOT cure cancer – 11 patients, glioblastoma infused with CBD

Last updated 19th July 2020

Cannabis / CBD does NOT cure cancer

MANY clinical trials on cannabis/cannabinoids and cancer have been DONE. They have been done on cancer cell lines in glass dishes in laboratories, and they have been done on mice and on rats. They have been done as per the paper above, in humans with cancer.


Cannabis has wonderful PALLIATIVE properties for cancer sufferers in that it eases the pain and other terrible symptoms, but cannabis does NOT cure cancer. None of the countless studies indicate that it is remotely likely to cure ANY KIND of cancer.
It is self evident that we must as societies immediately legalize medical cannabis, medical psylocybin mushrooms, and all plants used for medicinal purposes. The idea that a plant used for medical treatment could be criminalized in the first place is itself a moral crime, and nothing less than sinister legal support by our governments for billions of dollars of undeserved and unconscionable pharmaceutical company profits.
Even so, Cannabis does NOT cure cancer. How many cancer sufferers has this hoax already killed so far? Is it millions yet?



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