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A current treatment for migraine headache is surgery to deactivate the areas that cause migraine. This treatment involves four different surgical procedures which look at areas where the headache begins. Many studies have shown that this procedure is successful. When taking a closer look at the methods, however, the studies show major flaws. Two major studies that have been published about this topic are investigated. This article gives a summary of the procedures and the tools used before surgery in both studies. The article also critically evaluates the two studies and gives ideas for future study designs that might help improve treatment of migraine using these procedures. The author mentions that specific headaches might respond to relieving the pressure on the nerves in the affected areas.


View the original migraine study at this link: Studies that have examined how areas that cause migraine can be deactivated and serve as migraine treatment.

  • ” Future trials should address these issues, and should avoid using ambiguous and unclear primary outcomes such as number of migraines, pain intensity, duration, and migraine index which are not validated endpoints in migraine studies.”
  • “Once appropriate subjects are selected, there needs to be matched surgical treatment groups and sham surgery groups with blinded independent neurologists conducting postsurgical evaluations”
  • “Patients who wish to proceed with migraine headache trigger site deactivation surgery outside of a clinical trial should at the very least have chronic daily headache, failed multiple preventative medications in the absence of medication overuse headache, failed trials of serial BTX injections, failed trials of serial nerve blocks, and have had an evaluation by a headache specialist.”



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