Breakthrough Migraine Surgery

Millions to benefit

U.K. based medical journal ‘Therapy’ has published breakthrough results for revolutionary new surgery to relieve chronic migraine. The study tracked the results for 42 female and 13 male sufferers. The sample group of patients reported a staggering average factor of 2.5 times (250.1%), improvement in Quality Of Life over the 12 month period of the study.

Chairman of The South African Headache Society pioneered the supporting research with Harvard Medical School’s Professor of Neurology Dr EH Spierings. In the wake of the publication in Therapy the governments of Italy and South Africa are funding further multinational research.

The research (published in the July 2007 edition of international medical journal, Therapy) describes major therapeutic benefits for migraine sufferers after the cauterisation of tiny branches of the external carotid artery. Simply put, the procedure cauterises superficial scalp vessels that have long been empirically identified as a root cause of migraine pain.

The procedure can be carried out in a day clinic, and leaves no noticeable scars. Two of the patients in the study suffered temporary loss of feeling in the skin around the area of the small incision. According to the research published in ‘Therapy’, “this resolved in both patients within six weeks of surgery.”

The option to have a safe and effective procedure at a day clinic to relieve the extreme symptoms of migraine is one of the first viable, tested alternatives to taking daily medication.

Many sufferers find medication to be largely ineffective in dealing with migraine pain. In fact it may further the problem through the Rebound Headache condition. The surgery provides a safe and permanent solution for millions of sufferers.


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