Migraine nerves – Science fraud, depravity, and vivisection at Harvard Medical School.

The inflammation of nerves in the temple, over the eyebrows and forehead, the cervical (neck) area and back of the head, has been easily proven for decades, by injecting these nerves with an ant-inflamatory steroid, and observing the excellent positive results in many migraine sufferers.

Yet in 2018, medical scientists at Harvard Medical School found it necessary to try and prove that these migraine nerves become inflamed, due to a problem that they postulated, was inside the human brain.

To try and prove their theory, they performed surgical and chemical experiments on 20 male, and 15 female, rats, the description of which is too gruesome to undertake. Suffice to say that the rats were paralysed, but able feel pain while there skulls were opened, and the surgical and chemical experiments then began.

Unsurprisingly these “medical scientists” generated no useful results, for humans, or for rats.

The desperate attempt to prove the involvement of the dura, in migraine, fails yet again. This time, a group of medical scientists were paid to torture rats in a fashion that would make Unit 731 of the Japanese Imperial Army, exceedingly proud. The vivisection of these rats was completely unnecessary, proved nothing, was never going to prove anything, and the paper was ultimately used to distort medical science in humans.

Science Crime Rating – Very High

Consequences on humanity – Massive

Depravity rating – Very High.

For responsible and accurate information on the effective treatment of migraine nerves using anti-inflammatory steroid injections and local anaesthetic, you can follow this link to MRImigraine.com’s medical library section on “Migraine Nerves.”

The researchers involved in this paper are the perfect example of everything that is wrong with the medical science and research industry. This paper is little more than science fraud, and depravity, in the name of medical research.

View the original paper at this link: Depraved animal torture used at Harvard Medical School in attempt to pervert medical science for migraine sufferers.

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