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This study was done to see whether the removal of a forehead muscle has any effect on migraine headaches. 314 patients had their forehead muscles removed during 3 different surgical procedures on the face. Patients were asked whether they had a history of migraines before the surgery and whether the headaches improved after the surgery. Patients who answered yes to the first questionnaire were also asked how long they experienced improvement. Scientist also questioned how this improvement period related to the time they had their surgery. After the questionnaires, patients were interviewed over the phone to confirm the answers and to get more information including the type of surgery they went through and their backgrounds.

A total of 265 (84.4%) patients completed the questionnaire, the interview or both. There were 16 patients excluded from the study because they did not meet the study criteria. 31 patients that met the society criteria had improvement or no headaches right after the surgery. This lasted even during a check period of 47 months.

Out of 29 patients: 11 that experienced migraine without aura had their headaches completely disappear, 13 patient’s headaches improved and 5 patients had no difference in headaches. Seven of 10 patients that had migraine with aura said the headaches stopped or improved and three reported no change.

This study has shown a strong link between removal of the forehead muscle and migraine headache improvement or stopping.


View the original migraine treatment study at  at this link: Forehead muscles contribute to migraine treatment.


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