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The nerves at the back of the neck have been investigated more and more because of their involvement in constant headaches occurring at the back of the head.

There are two types of nerves at the back of the head. The following study examined both nerves in 125 patients. Measurements were taken on both sides of the head in 112 patients during operation, the rest of the subjects were cadavers.  The width and path of the nerves were measured including the distance where the neck nerves lead too- at the lower back part of the skull.

The study obtained the following descriptions of the one of the nerves: it’s width roughly 3.8 mm, running from a muscle in the spine; which is roughly 14.9 mm next to the midline and 30.2 mm beneath the back part of the skull. It was seen that the nerves were not identical on both sides

Previous reports presented different results for the paths of the two neck nerves. The results of this study can contribute towards the study of nerve blocks and the relief of pressure from these nerves to decrease pain. The process to surgically relieve compressed nerves is an active treatment for migraine headaches.


View the full PDF at this link: The nerves at the back of the neck play an important role in migraine treatment.

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