Alternatives to medication (PMA)

Medication is not the only cure

Taking a handful of tablets each time you get a headache is merely one of the ways to treat the problem. Society has become so pre-occupied with their careers and metropolitan lifestyles that their health usually takes a back seat. This is the reason for medication being so popular, it is a quick fix to the pain and then one goes on their merry way. The underlying cause of the problem is not being treated.

The latest research was performed at the Neurological and Psychiatric Science Department of University of Bari in ltaly. It examined laser-evoked potentials in chronic tension-type headache patients treated with two different approaches: a Posture Modifying Appliance, which reduces muscular tenderness; and 10 mg of amihiptyline administered daily.

According to the International Headache Society’s South African division;The results of the study found that both therapies were equally effective in reducing headache severity. The PMA however has none of the serious and long lasting side effects of the medication, which include upset stomach, vomiting, drowsiness, excessive sweating, and changes in appetite or weight.”

The posture modifying appliance is an option for sufferers who want healthier alternatives to medication. Additional non-medication treatments include physiotherapy, stretching exercises and changing ones computer and driving posture.



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