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In the past few years a new treatment for headaches originating in the front of the head has been developed. This treatment is based on the theory that headaches are triggered by an increase in pressure of the outer nerves. A surgery that is less traumatic to the patient is used whereby a few cuts are made to decrease the pressure on the affected nerves. The nerves of interest are found close to the forehead muscle responsible for frowning.

Patients had to give the following information about their headaches before taking part in the study: whether the headaches had reasonably severe pressure or tension, if they originated in the front of the head, and if they also experienced nausea or sensitivity to light. A mathematical database was used to determine which patients would most probably have positive results after surgery. Studies investigating this form of treatment so far have shown positive long-lasting effects with few unwanted side effects. This article reviews and discusses from a surgeon’s perspective, a surgery to release pressure in the nerves for headaches originating from other illnesses.


View the original headache treatment study at this link: An effective headache treatment that decreases the nerve pressure in a forehead muscle to relieve headaches.

  • “…there are patients with frontal headaches and high pain scores which are refractory to pharmacological treatment or have severe drug side effects. Some of these patients suffering from frontal secondary headache caused by the entrapment of the supraorbital and supratrochlear nerves could benefit from the surgical decompression.”
  • “Pain as a phenomenon is a highly subjective experience which evaluation in clinical studies is difficult and mainly based on self-reported scores (VAS or questionnaires). “
  • “Compared with the sham placebo surgery group, the crucial surgery group demonstrated statistically significant better treatment outcomes (57.7 versus 83.7%—experienced at least 50% reduction of headache symptoms; 3.8 versus 57.1%—experienced complete elimination of headache symptoms) 1 year postoperatively. “

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