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A small nerve responsible for feeling and movement of the face was studied for the treatment of migraine using two methods. The first method was to surgically relieve pressure of this nerve, and the second method was to surgically remove the nerve completely.

21 patients with migraine headache occurring on both sides of the head were divided into two groups, one group had their nerve completely removed on one side and the other group had their nerve pressure relieved on the other side. Results were checked after 12 months.

19 patients went through the full study. Of the 38 areas that were operated on, more than 50% of patients had improvement in frequency, migraine days, severity, and duration. In the nerve relieving group, the migraine frequency went from 14.6 – 2.2 per month, the migraine days went from 14.1 – 2.3 days, the severity of migraine went from 7 – 2.9 and the duration of migraine from 9.6 – 4.8 hours. Where the nerve was removed, patients had the following results: The frequency of migraine decreased from 14.2 – 1.9 per month, migraine days decreased from 14.1 – 2.3, Migraine severity from 6.8 – 2.6 and the duration of the migraine from 10.1 – 5.3 hours. The two groups had a similar reduction in migraine frequency, days, severity and duration.

Both surgically removing and relieving pressure on one of the temple nerves are effective treatments for migraine headaches occurring in the temples. If relieving pressure of the nerve does not give positive results then surgical removal of the nerve can be done.


View the original migraine never study at this link: Relieving pressure versus surgically removing the nerve in the temple for treating migraines on the side of the head.

  • “The purpose of this study was not to investigate the overall outcome of migraine headaches from all possible trigger sites within the study population. The study was designed to compare the outcome of surgery in two matching sites. “


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