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This study sets out the evidence that arteries just under the skin of the scalp have been measured during migraine attacks and found to be the cause of migraine pain in many sufferers. These are tiny arteries that many migraine treatment centres and facilities perform minor surgery on to relieve migraine pain.

The study includes an old theory that was disproved in 2008. The theory is the arteries inside the brain constrict to cause migraine pain. Although there never was never any measurable proof for this theory at all it became the dominant theory of the cause of migraine in the western world among migraine specialists for many decades.

In 2008 a young Dutch researcher by the name of Schoonman used new high tech scanning machines to measure these arteries inside the brain for the first time. This theory was immediately disproven, Schoonman proved that there was no change in the arteries inside the brain during migraine attacks at all. Schoonman’s study sent shock waves through the migraine science community and although he was very young doctor and researcher at the time, he won prestigious awards from the biggest headache and migraine authorities in the world.

The migraine study in this paper is on demographics (groups with in the group) and co-morbidities (other symptoms or conditions that the migraine patients were suffering from) It unfortunately presents nothing new nor enabling to migraine or headache patients. It was conducted on 500 patients to try and establish patterns within that population, but it yielded nothing useful to those suffering with migraine.

At best the article is misleading for anyone seeking to understand the cause of the migraine or find the best treatment.

MRI Rating – No useful or unique content and contains fatal scientific inaccuracies.

View the original study on migraine demographics and co-morbidities at this link: Observations on 500 cases of migraine and allied vascular headache

  • ” From our results we reaffirm the generally held opinion that there is no single cause for vascular headache but that heredity and personality structure provide the common background with an allergic diathesis contributing in about one-third of cases.”

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