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We all know headaches can affect academic performance, but a recent study suggests that 30% of students miss class due to headaches or migraines and the same amount reported a reduction in their productivity.

“The study shows ‘serious’ and ‘very serious’ headaches and migraines are significantly related to a greater number of failures and absenteeism.

The Headache Impact Test (HIT-6) and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale were used to measure the severity of migraines in each student. Three hundred and forty-four university students participated in this peer reviewed study.

From the sample 8.7% (30 students) sought emergency services and 30.8% (106 students) missed class, whilst the same number reported a reduction in productivity.

How to avoid headaches while studying:

  • Be aware of your posture when sitting at your computer as this can result in a tension headache.
  • Use a good chair that supports your back and gives ideal posture.
  • Learn the right stretching exercises to stretch the muscles of your head, face, neck and jaw.
  • Stretching should be gentle and not painful. This will ease tension.
  • Beware of a so-called medication overuse headache. Medication is only appropriate for someone who suffers a few times a month. If you are taking headache medication more than twice a week you have a risk of developing a medication overuse headache.

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