There is international controversy over the difference between chronic and episodic migraine.


The scientists who decided on the difference simply set the dividing line at 15 days a month because less than 15 days is less than half the month, and more than 15 days is more than half the month.

This distinction between the supposedly different diseases is thus completely arbitrary.

lottery-ball15 days a month is not a medical diving line for different diseases to be diagnosed and treated in different ways.

The official scientific classification of migraines is called ICHD. That stands for the International Classification of Headache Disorders. This controversy about the difference between episodic and chronic migraine is only one of the controversies about the classification.

In fact, a Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, Prof E H Spierings, has published that ICHD “Is a retarding force” in headache science. The Chairman of ICHD himself, Prof J Olesen has published that ICHD “is not based on data”.

MRI’s team of medical specialists includes Neurologist, ENT, Prosthodontist, Plastic Surgeon, and any other specialist necessary for each individual patient. Every patient is different!

MRI’s Specilist Network moves the focus from arbitrary dividing lines, to patient centric care by teams of specialists. We diagnose the origins of the pain in each individual patient. Each migraine patient we see is unique!

Each patient has their own unique “Migraine Map”. Until this is accurately mapped the prognosis in most sufferers is ongoing pain, all the psychological and relationship consequences that go together with that, and very often addiction to medications.

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