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The following study examined how using an occlusal splint can affect headache severity and occurrence in patients suffering from migraine headaches. This study specifically used a splint called a dual-cure stabilizer splint.

30 migraine patients took part in the study and were divided into two groups. Each group consisted of 8 men and 7 women. One group used the stabilizer splint 20 hours a day for 6 weeks. The authors noted the severity, occurrence and time period of migraine attacks before and after using the splint. To determine the levels of pain a questionnaire called a severity visual analogue scale was used.

Results showed that migraine severity was reduced by 56%, occurrence reduced by 68% and migraine episodes were reduced by 72%. Although the effect of occlusal splints on migraine is still controversial most researchers agree that using a splint can reduce headaches in migraine sufferers. The results of this study show that stabilizer splint can be used to reduce the severity, occurrence and time period of migraine headaches. This splint can be used as an alternative to the common methods used for pain relief.

View the original migraine treatment study at this link:  Using a splint to treat migraine by reducing its severity, and how often patients get a migraine attack.

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