Prolonged migraine pain relief from single nerve block injection

54 Migraine sufferers were given a single anti inflammatory steroid injection into the Greater Occipital Nerve (GON). The GON runs through the cervical (neck region) and up the back of the head. The nerve is located on the outside of the skull, and runs just under the skin

26 Of these migraine sufferers reported complete or partial pain relief for an average of 30 days, from this single, simple, safe, anti-inflammatory steroid injection, into the Greater Occipital Nerve.

Out of 22 cluster headache sufferers all of whom who were in cycle, 13 sufferers reported complete or partial relief for an average of 21 days, after receiving the same single steroid injection into the GON.

These encouraging results have been confirmed repetitively for decades. The results are even better when one considers that no attempt to pre-select patients, based on pain in the cervical (neck and back of head) region, was made.

Sadly, the authors of this paper, (some of whom are well known for their corruption in the medical journals, large payouts from the pharmaceutical industry, and gratuitous  experimentation on animals), could not help themselves from attempting to distort the results of their own study, when the positive outcome did not suit their narrative.

They therefore ended, by claiming baselessly, that the single anti-inflammatory steroid injection into the GON, just under the skin, must have worked so well, and for so long, because the injection was intact, somehow, acting inside the brain… only that they had no idea how this might be happening, nor any proof.

This baseless flight of science crime fantasy, has no place in a medical journal. It is not science. Non science. Non sense. Nonsense.

It is precisely this baseless suggestion that is used by “researchers” like these, to torture cats, rats, and other sentiment mammals, in live surgical and chemical experiments, in which the animals are often paralysed but still able to feel pain while they are operated on. The unnecessary and unjustifiable vivisection (medical experimentation on animals) is often the last bastion of medical researchers, that run out of arguments and evidence to support their corruption of the medical scientific path, on which hundred of millions of people depend.

The Chief protagonist, is of course Peter Goadsby. One of the most depraved and prolific medical researchers medical science has ever seen. Goadbsy is currently the deserving recipient of the highest honours for depravity in medical research.  Unit 731 would have been proud.

Should Goadsby or his attorneys or his financiers in the pharmaceutical industry read this, we request his urgent reply to the two questions we posed to him on twitter in 2012.

  1. “@petergoadsby how many unnecessary migraine suicides since your intentional suppression of extra-cranial migraine data began?”

and when he declined to respond, we referenced the cat vivisection study, for which he was reportedly hounded out of London decades ago…

2. “@petergoadsby cat with chemically damaged blood brain barrier got your tongue?”

Goabsdy is the most prolific, famous, and highly paid migraine researcher in the world. He sits on the boards and committees of every pharmaceutical company you can name, and many that you can’t.

Twitter shut down our account with no explanation, almost immediately.

The self explanatory abstract can be found at this link: Prolonged migraine pain relief from single nerve block injection.

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