Botox in the treatment of headache pain

This is a review article covering the range of theories of the action of Botox, across the spectrum of headache and migraine conditions. The article’s primary use is as a starting point for scientific investigation of the claims.

The article’s downfall is use and reliance of the International Classification of Headache Disorders, which is itself not based on measurable data.

Botox has been proven to reduce pain in different diseases and in 2010 it was approved to be used in the treatment of chronic migraine.

This article is a review of different experimental evidence supporting the use of Botox in the treatment of headache pain. The review also includes a summary of the latest clinical trials proving that Botox A could provide benefits in the treatment of headache conditions.

View the original headache pain treatment study at this link: Botox in the treatment of headache pain

  • “We should recall the attention of the reader to the fact that also the vascular structure, that is the nociceptive fibers surrounding the arteries and possibly veins, is believed to be a site of peripheral mechanisms. The involved arteries are not only intracranial, but also extracranial (scalp).”

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