Childhood depression and migraine

Study shows Migraines linked to depression in children.

The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in the U.S.A. has published new data proving a link between children suffering from migraine and emotional disorders.

The study, published in the latest edition of the medical journal Headache tested child functioning with comparison to children who are not experiencing headaches or migraines. The results showed that children suffering from migraines were demonstrating significant elevations in total behaviour problems and internalising symptoms, including somatic complaints, anxiety and depression, and aggressive behaviour.

Aside from the obvious effects living with pain has on the quality of a child’s life, when a parent lacks a full understanding the condition the child will begin to internalise self-blame. Internalising blame for an excruciating pain over which the child has no control could cause serious psychological and emotional problems for the child.

It is vital that parents do not dismiss headache complaints in children without proper investigation. There is a great deal of concern regarding the emotional well-being of children with migraine, as this condition often results in children being misdiagnosed with depression, without proper treatment of their headache or migraine problem.


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