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Many people experience long-lasting and recurring headaches known as chronic headaches. When they begin before the age of 20 it’s known as pre-adult onset. Chronic headaches starting after the age of 20 are called adult onset.

1013 patients with chronic headaches were questioned to find out what caused their headaches. Of the 1013 patients 44.1% had chronic headaches starting before the age of 20 and in 55.9% patients, chronic headaches started after the age of 20. 38.2% of the adult-onset group knew what caused the chronic headaches. Only 8.5% of the pre-adult onset patients could say what caused their headaches.

There were ten main things that made up 87.9% of all headache causes. The three most common were head, neck or back injury; stress; and pregnancy. These formed 58.4% of all causes leaving illnesses, influenza, birth control and hormone replacement medication in fourth place.

Chronic headaches can run in a family or be caused by other factors.

View the original headache study at this link: The causes of constant headaches before and during adulthood.

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